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Instead of a traditional show, Norma Kamali is mixing up all three of her lines — her signature OMO, the midprice collection she sells on eBay and her line for Wal-Mart — in a presentation with Scanlife at her 56th Street store in New York that is ongoing and open to the public. Visitors don’t have to ask a salesperson to find out how to wear, say, the $99 striped jersey all-in-one. Instead, they can download the Scanlife iPhone app and scan a bar code with their phone to trigger a video about the style in front of them. Some of the scans will randomly award prizes of free clothes. “The shopping experience is so different now,” said the designer, who was decked out in her Wal-Mart line. “Scanlife gives us another dimension.”


Kamali’s signature OMO collection included her vast swimwear line where figure-flattering retro shapes mingled with sexy cutouts in solids, some trimmed with safety pins, studs or buttons, as well as a leopard print and stripes with matching cover-ups. For the designer’s ready-to-wear pieces there were variations of the famous sleeping bag coat, body-skimming dresses, convertible tops and leggings all available in the pricier OMO, the contemporary Norma Kamali for eBay as well as the mass market Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart collections. “It’s about offering something for everybody, whatever their budget,” she noted, “and with the eBay collection, I’m essentially wholesaling to the public and that allowed me to bring the
manufacturing for that and OMO domestic, which is great.”

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