It was bound to happen — the digital fashion show trailer. Today, Maison Margiela released a 47-second snippet of the fall 2020 Artisanal Coed Collection by John Galliano. It’s the first of three mini-installments leading up to the collection’s main-event film release on July 16. Valentino also released a teaser of its collection by Pierpaolo Piccioli, prior to that house’s limited-audience live event in Rome on July 22. 

The Margiela video indicates that Galliano’s is a bold, distinctive approach. So far, some couturiers have opted for artful narratives in film shorts that are often lyrical or moody; others have focused on in-studio activity and the craft of couture. The Margiela teaser indicates a high-intensity, high-tech presentation. It features a model engaged in what would be a traditional runway walk, only the field is overlain with an intense saturation effect resembling a heat-mapping graphic, so what emerges is a heady display of color, silhouette and movement. While the color is artificial, the silhouette suggests a Spanish influence — Cordovan hat, tilted for swagger, punctuating what appears to be a coat with a demonstrative shoulder possibly derived from that of a matador jacket. Under the dense shroud of color, the piece looks short in front with geometric flaps extending into a long, trench-like back. If so, it’s a new take on the intricate hybrid constructions at which Galliano is a master. Stay tuned.