Swedish Fashion Council

Following the cancelation of Stockholm Fashion Week this summer, the Swedish Fashion Council has unveiled a new platform — “Fashion X.”

The nonprofit will act as an open-source information and resource-sharing platform for furthering the industry’s transformation, as Jennie Rosén, chief executive officer of the Swedish Fashion Council, shared.

When WWD asked Rosén how the platform was differentiated from that of Global Fashion Agenda (behind the Copenhagen Fashion Summit), New Standards Institute, Fashion for Good, or any of the many sustainably focused platforms founded in the past four years, she said: “This is a global issue and does not only affect Sweden. It affects everyone, and it can only be solved at a global level. We need an ‘open-source’ platform to share experiences, inspire and communicate. A place for conversation and in-depth discussions.

“The transformation of the fashion industry will happen through collaborations that extend across industries as well as national borders and a solid foundation in the very core of fashion,” she added.

As of yet, Fashion X is still rallying industry partners and aligning its “positions” on key sustainability issues, in anticipation of its January launch, but it is designed to educate, innovate and promote sustainability throughout the fashion industry.

Rosén said the Fashion Innovation Center and the formats and resources that will come from Fashion X “will hence be dependent on the very exciting projects already initiated together with cross-sectoral partners.”

On the discussion of industry-wide standardization, Rosén said it is a “complex issue” and that “there is no quick answer.” “We are very positive to the standards and the debates that are ongoing right now. And we will be driving these discussions in 2020,” she said.

Collaboration is necessary for the industry to evolve but who is to say each collaborative platform wouldn’t want to lead the sustainable fashion transformation? Claims of each initiative will need to be measured against true industry progress.

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