FAST FRIENDS: Pamela Love jetted out of the makeup chair and into Oscar de la Renta’s line of vision. “Can I meet, you, too?” she asked. The impromptu introduction occurred on Wednesday in Industria’s Studio 2 in New York, at a shoot for WWD’s upcoming CFDA Awards special section. Horrible weather had caused some delays — before she could sit for her portrait, Love had to deal with her flooded Brooklyn apartment. The result was a designer backlog during which Duckie Brown’s Steven Cox and Daniel Silver also chatted with de la Renta. They couldn’t top Love’s zeal. “I have to tell you,” she offered excitedly to the elder statesman of American fashion, “I just bought an Oscar de la Renta wedding dress. And I’m already married.”

Love explained that she’d seen the dress in person, and when she happened upon it on Net-a-porter, “I couldn’t control myself. It’s organic cotton and it’s like lace with floral appliqué on it and the flowers are much more heavy on the bottom and then there’s less and less flowers at the top. What’s amazing about this particular dress is it’s white, but it doesn’t have to be a wedding dress. It’s effortless and it’s lace and it just looks so perfectly romantic. So I was like, ‘I’ll just wear it for something else.’”

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“These,” said de la Renta, “are the kind of girls I like.”

As he was about to leave the studio, Love made another request of de la Renta: “Could I have my picture taken with you?” Done.