FAST WORK: Quick-change artist Rose McGowan was looking ladylike lean at Lela Rose Sunday morning at 11 and then downtown sleek at Preen at 11:30. Having just wrapped up filming “Conan the Barbarian,” the actress eagerly showed iPhone photos of her more barbaric self. “It required six hours of makeup each day starting at 2:30 in the morning,” McGowan said. So what did she do to celebrate when it was all over? “Got the hell out of Bulgaria,” she said.


Lynn Collins, another Lela Rose fan, has also been going to great lengths to get into character for Pixar’s first action film “John Carter of Mars.” Doing all her own stunts — freefalling 30-feet and the like — has taught her that once you “push aside fear and overcome it there is a moment of great freedom.”


Her seatmate “One Tree Hill” star Shantel van Santen was excited to be free for the weekend from the show’s North Carolina set. “I can finally shop in stores instead of online. I went into YSL yesterday to buy one pair of shoes and left with three pairs.”


Look for her in the upcoming film “Remembrance.”

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