ROAD SHOW: With this year’s installment of Fashion Culture Design two weeks away, founder Simon Collins is planning to take the concept to Beijing in late October or early November.

Partnering with Su Mang, president and chief executive officer of Trends Media Group, Collins said, “The way I’m looking at it is a cross between the Met Gala and TED. We’ll be bringing in a huge amount of the leading voices and faces in Chinese fashion and culture, and taking a great number of people over from the West to be part of our conversation. The way we run our conversations is very much as a think tank so it’s going to be a new experience.”

Still ironing out whether it will be a two- or three-day event, as well as the location, Collins said he was very conscious about making it “of China.” With 500 to 1,000 the target number for the China edition, Collins said the mission there is to share information. “I want people in there who are going to do something with the information,” he said. “We want to take the questions that we’re posing at FCD in New York, figure out how relevant they are to China and as the Chinese version of them. These days everything is international whether you like it or not — even if you’re a domestic company your competition is international. It’s critical to us that we engage internationally.”

Talks are also under way to stage FCD in Hong Kong possibly in December and in Seoul early next year. “For us, being international is simply the reality that we are.”

For FCD’s June 16 event in New York at New York University’s Tishman Auditorium, Hitha Herzog, who has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC and other networks, will cohost.

This month’s event will include red carpet photographer Billy Farrell chatting with hotelier and Studio 54 cofounder Ian Schrager. Joining Staple Design’s Jeff Staple, Leandra Medine and Tobe Report’s Leslie Ghize in the “What Will Gen Z Want Next” talk will be Maria Alia “someone with a colossal Instagram following who happens to wear a hijab. That’s not part of her schtick at all. She’s just a young woman that wears a hijab. She works in fashion and happens to have 350,000 Instagram followers. I love the idea of the normalcy of so many elements of Generation Z that to outside of Generation Z might excite comment if nothing else,” Collins said.

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