Justin Bieber in Fear of God

JUSTIN BIEBER SERVES A PURPOSE: Numerous men’s brands would jump at the chance to have Justin Bieber wear one of their designs. Imagine how blessed Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo is to have the mega music star serve as a quasi-focus group for his new designs.

Through his Los Angeles-based label Lorenzo created some 15 styles for Bieber’s new world tour, titled “Purpose,” which kicked off earlier this month. Via his stylist, Karla Welch, the singer already had been a fan of the Nineties-inflected streetwear styles from the three-year-old label.

“I saw him on a few occasions,” recollected Lorenzo, adding that Bieber’s plea to him was: “Man, my tour is coming up. I really want you to do it.”

Once Welch approached him with the official offer, the designer whipped up some sketches. Among the pieces that made it on the road with Bieber are a dozen overcoats in different patterns, six bomber jackets in a variety of colors, kilts and denim jackets embellished with patches on the back. The energetic 22-year-old also jumps around the stage in Fear of God’s new Italian-made sneakers, which Lorenzo described as “a hybrid of a military boot and athletic basketball shoe.” Retailing for $1,200 and higher, the footwear won’t be available to the general public until May.

Plus, Lorenzo used the opportunity to test new looks, including punkish pin-striped pants, plaid trousers and tie-dye denim. “There are new styles that we made for him that I think we will put out in upcoming seasons,” Lorenzo said. “I think it maybe is a focus group.”

As with any concert, the show doesn’t end when the stage lights are extinguished. Lorenzo also left an imprint on the merchandise sold after the show. “I gave creative direction to his Ts and stuff that is sold,” he said. “It just kind of elevates that whole communication.”