Yoox Group founder and chief executive officer Federico Marchetti was commended Bocconi Alumnus of the year 2014 by the prestigious University’s Alumni Association on Friday.

The recognition is granted for distinction in “professionalism, resourcefulness, integrity, responsibility and openness to pluralism.”

Pietro Guindani, president of the Bocconi Alumni Association, said that Marchetti’s talent as an innovator has provided Italy with “the first global company of online retailing.” The entrepreneur said YOOX proves that “in Italy it is still possible to do business starting from zero and leveraging the competitive advantage of being Italian in some sectors where we still have the edge over others.”

Marchetti, who graduated from Bocconi in 1993 and founded Yoox in 2000, received the Leonardo award for innovation from Italy’s president Giorgio Napolitano in 2012.

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