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PARIS — Oksana Shachko, a founding member of Femen, was found dead in her Paris apartment, the web site of the feminist protest organization said Tuesday.

“RIP. The most fearless and vulnerable Oksana Shachko has left us,” said a post by the organization, noting that her body was found Monday in her apartment in Paris. Police are investigating the cause of death, it also said, but French officials declined to comment.

Femen protesters are known for grabbing attention by baring their breasts when staging protests. In 2013, two of the topless protesters briefly interrupted a Nina Ricci show, with “models don’t go to brothel” and “fashion dictaterror” written across their chests. At the time, the organization said in a statement that it was protesting against an industry that profited from women who “sacrifice their lives and their health for this masculine business.”

The group, which was initially formed in the Ukraine before relocating to Paris, has also targeted religious and political figures, rushing toward German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin as they toured an industrial fair in 2013, and later appearing topless in Notre Dame in 2015, with messages including “pope no more.”

The Femen site sells a tank top that says “Nudité, Lutte, Liberté,” or “nudity, fight, liberty.”

“May you never forget her…forever in the history of feminism and women’s fight for our and human rights,” the group said in an Instagram post.

Femen cofounder Inna Shevchenko said in an Instagram post to Schachko: “We stood up together on [Independence] Square in Kiev, waving flags into the sky and shouting slogans into the silence; we survived in the Belarus forest together, after being tortured and we marched the streets of Paris together, while forming new bataillons of female fighters.”

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(на русском, en français ⤵️) May you know her, may you respect her, may you never forget her. Oksana Shachko, one of the remarkable women of our time. She is one of the greatest fighters who fought hard against the unjust circumstances she happened to find herself, who fought hard against injustice of society, who fought hard for herself and for all women around. We stood up together on Independent square in Kiev, waving flags into the sky and shouting slogans into the silence, we survived in the Belarus forest together, after being tortured and we marched the streets of Paris together, while forming new bataillions of female fighters. Oksana always remained a true fighter. Oksana left us but she is here and everywhere. She’s in each of us, who stood besides, she’s in FEMEN that she cofounded. She is in her paintings through which she manifested her artistic talent. She’s in history of feminism. ————————— Знайте ее, уважайте ее и никогда не забывайте о ней. Оксана Шачко, одна из героинь нашего времени. Оксана боролась с несправедливость, боролась за равноправие, боролась за себя и за всех женщин как герой. Мы стояли вместе на Майдане Независимости, угрожая тишине нашими громкими голосами, выживали в Белорусском лесу, после издевательств КГБ и маршировали по улицам Парижа, формируя вместе новые женские феминистические батальоны. Оксана оставалась в любой ситуации настоящим бойцом. Оксаны больше нет с нами, но она здесь, она везде. Оксана, она в каждой из нас, она в FEMEN, она в истории феминизма. —————————— Afin que vous la connaissiez, que vous la respectiez, que vous ne l’oubliez jamais. Oksana Shachko est une des plus femmes les plus remarquables de notre époque, une des plus grandes combattantes ayant lutté durement contre les injustices auxquelles elle a dû faire face, contre les injustices de notre société. Elle s’est dressée pour elle-même et pour toutes les femmes à travers le monde. Nous nous sommes dressées ensemble sur la place de l’Indépendance à Kiev, agitant des drapeaux vers le ciel en criant des slogans pour rompre le silence, nous avons survécu à la forêt Biélorusse ensemble, après avoir été torturées, et nous avons marché dans les ru

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