To mark the opening of its headquarters in Rome on Oct. 22, Fendi will host “Una Nuova Roma. L’Eur e il Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana [A New Rome. The Eur and the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana],” which will be open to the public starting the following day and run until March 7. The exhibition will be staged on the first floor of the palazzo, which was designed to be dedicated to such shows.

Pietro Beccari, chairman and chief executive officer of Fendi, expressed pride in returning the building to Rome, “symbol of our Roman roots and of a continuous dialogue between traditions and modernity, values dear to Fendi” ever since the brand was founded. In addition, the exhibition “will tell the story [of the palazzo…] after more than 70 years from its creation.”

The building had barely been used since World War II and Fendi inked an agreement in 2013 to rent it for 15 years, renewable for another 15, starting to work on the space in July 2014. Architect Marco Costanzi, who also designed Fendi’s Milan headquarters on Via Solari, was in charge of the interior design of the palazzo.

A permanent light installation designed by artist Mario Nanni will be unveiled on Oct. 22 to highlight the palazzo’s architecture.

The exhibit will display an array of paintings, images, drawings, photographs and videos by Italian architects of the Nineties combined with design objects and historical images as well as works of artists ranging from Gino Severini, Mario Sironi, Enrico Prampolini and Francesco Messina to Pericle Fazzini and Giuseppe Capogrossi.

The exhibition will also show the work of photographers who dedicated part of their time to the palazzo and the Eur district, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Gabriele Basilico, Fabrizio Ferri, Franco Fontana, Andrea Jemolo, Mimmo Jodice, Giulio Pediconi and Hans Christian Schink. In addition, there will be extracts of films from directors including Roberto Rossellini, Federico Fellini, Vittorio De Sica, Michelangelo Antonioni, Elio Petri and Bernardo Bertolucci. A section of the exhibit will be dedicated to design.

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