It would be hard to miss Fendi’s special guests on Thursday. Two six-foot furry guests, cartoonish costumed performers will attend the Italian brand’s fall show — the Fendirumi Piro-chan and Bug-kun. The pink Piro-chan is inspired by the Qutweet charm with yellow rounded eyes, blue crest and Fendi logo, while the bright blue Bug-kun is inspired by the Bag Bugs charm with its yellow crest and double FF logo.

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The Fendirumi pay homage to Japan’s Kigurumi pop figures, who helped celebrate Fendi’s biggest pop-up store in Tokyo last November.

“The Japanese pop culture and the Kigurumi-mania gave me the idea of having two Fendi mascots to attend our events, shows, openings… the Fendirumi, as they perfectly embody the Fendi Fun spirit,” said Silvia Venturini Fendi.

Two bag charms inspired by the Fendirumi in mink with a kiddasia crest will be available at Fendi’s online store starting on Thursday in a limited edition of 80 pieces, and will then be carried by Fendi boutiques globally starting in July. The male Bug-kun has an addition of a fox hair touch and the female Piro-chan has big crystal eyes entirely made by hand.

The Fendirumi will also be visiting the Fendi boutique in Milan’s Via Montenapoleone that afternoon — a perfect selfie op.

FENDIRUMI Piro-chan bag charm

FENDIRUMI Piro-chan bag charm  Courtesy Photo

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