MAGIC SHOES: Salvatore Ferragamo is gearing up to celebrate the prominent and magical role of shoes in fairy tales, myths and legends. On April 19, the company will fete the opening of “The Amazing Shoemaker — Fairy Tales and Legends about Shoes and Shoemakers,” an exhibition held at Florence’s Salvatore Ferragamo Museum until March 31, 2014.

Curated by Stefania Ricci, Sergio Risaliti and Luca Scarlini, the exhibition will collect the works of various artists, who were asked to give their interpretation of the world of shoes. Among the others, writers and poets Hamid Ziarati, Michele Mari and Elisa Biagini wrote new fairy tales; Argentino-Italian composer Luis Bacalov created a score for the exhibition overture, and Milanese visual artist Liliana Moro looked at Charles Perrault’s Donkeyskin for her creation.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s successful story also served as inspiration for a number of artists, including Frank Espinosa, who realized a comic book based on the shoemaker’s life, while Academy award-winning production designer Rick Heinrichs teamed up with story board artist Mauro Borrelli to realize an animated short film inspired by a crucial event in Ferragamo’s childhood.

During the exhibition, the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum will also showcase — for the first time in Italy — the original manuscript of Federico Garcìa Lorca’s “La zapatera prodigiosa.”