FASHION’S LEADING ROLE: Knowing that fashion and film have proven to be a winning combination, the Fashion Group International has partnered with New York Women in Film and Television for a few events and film screenings.

Their collaboration will launch Tuesday with a webinar about the art of filmmaking and science of marketing in fashion films and how they are essential branding tools for fashion and lifestyle brands. “Dressed” documentary director David Swajeski will moderate the discussion. Artistix Fashion’s Andy Hilfiger, Vimeo’s Ina Pira and Matte Projects’  Matthew Rowean will share their thoughts during “The Art and Science of Fashion in Film” panel.

In time for Memorial Day weekend, the FGI and NYWIFT Film Series will be introduced Friday. The films will be selected by both organizations with input from members. “The films will reflect the symbiotic relationship between the fashion and film industries with an eye toward our storied history as well as future opportunities,” said FGI’s president and chief executive officer Maryanne Grisz.

With a background in filmmaking, Grisz has been a member of NYWIFT. She met with NYWIFT’s e executive director Cynthia Lopez to discuss the intersection of fashion and film. The partnership sprang from that in celebration of the synergy between business and art in both industries.

Grisz said, “As the industry has pivoted to completely virtual, we are joining together with NYWIFT, as we have aligned missions and to give our members the opportunity to benefit from each other’s resources and content.”

Lopez also praised the alliance. “Fashion and film have gone together hand and glove for decades, and NYWIFT is thrilled to explore the synergy between the two industries through a programming partnership with FGI. Both the fashion and film industries thrive at the intersection of business and creativity. Our first program ‘The Art and Science of Fashion and Film’ digs into that dichotomy,” Lopez said.

While this year’s Cannes Film Festival is one of the many red-carpet events affected by the coronavirus shutdown, FGI is still planning on hosting its annual “Night of Stars” this fall, a spokeswoman said.

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