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SOCIAL BREAK: Lapo Elkann is taking a break from the digital life.

On Monday, the Italian entrepreneur posted on his Instagram and Facebook accounts a portrait of himself, smiling at an office desk, with a message announcing his temporary step back from social media.

“I’d like to thank all my Followers, those who appreciated me and also (why not!) those who expressed different views but who deserve the same esteem and respect. All of You together helped me to improve,” Elkann wrote. “Today I’m entering a new phase of my personal and professional life which I want to live it in the real, ‘offline’, world, instead of the virtual one. This is therefore not a Farewell, BUT a ‘Goodbye, see you soon.’ Thanking you All, Lapo.”


Lapo Elkann's Instagram announcement

Lapo Elkann’s Instagram announcement  Courtesy Photo


The message follows a statement that Elkann released on Jan. 25 after New York prosecutors dropped charges that the grandson of the late Fiat patriarch Gianni Agnelli falsely reported he was kidnapped in November as a cover-up for binge drinking and partying.

Elkann has remained out of the public eye since the November incident, except for attending the private funeral service for Franca Sozzani, the late editor in chief of Vogue Italia, who died in December.

Elkann, along with his brother John, is the owner of eyewear company Italia Independent and in 2015 founded Milan-based vehicle customization firm Garage Italia Customs.