FASHION DIET: “When the editor of Fantastic Man calls you and asks you to perform during fashion week, you don’t say no. And you don’t f–k it up,” said James Rapson of the up-and-coming band Lung Dart at the dinner hosted by the men’s title, The Gentlewoman and Swedish label Filippa K, at the David Roberts Art Foundation in the Camden section of London.

“I haven’t had any dairy for three days and I haven’t eaten any carbs today so I don’t get bloated,” said Rapson at a dinner that took place on the eve of London Fashion Week.

Rapson and bandmate Tim Clay were nervous about their fashion crowd debut. “We’ve never done a gig like this before,” Clay said. “We’re singing two songs accompanied by just a piano and that’s very different from our usual woozy sound. In fact, I hope everyone just ignores us and continues talking like we’re the background music.”

The pair, whose debut album was released this week, have been friends since university, where they studied music. They came up with the name for their band when they lived together in east London. “We had this housemate who used to smoke all the time and we called the cigarettes lung darts,” Rapson explained. “We thought it sounded like a post-punk band from southeast London in the Eighties.

“You should all go to Spotify and listen to their album,” said “Fantastic Man” editor Gert Jonkers during his speech. “Actually, better to buy it — or they won’t make any money.”

Rapson later joked with Clay about stealing the Aesop hand soap from the bathroom on his way out. “It’s 27 pounds [about $36] for a bottle of that; that’s worth having.”

Dinner was catered by fashion-favorite chef Margot Henderson of the Rochelle Canteen, and started with globe artichokes, a dish that flummoxed some of the guests, what with the labor-intensive method of consumption.

“They should have projected a YouTube video on how to eat these things,” suggested Clay, tentatively pulling at the leaves, and eventually giving up the task. “I don’t know it the effort is even worth it.”

Other guests at the dinner included Stephen Jones, jeweler Lara Bohinc and “The Northern Light” blogger Hedvig Sagfjord Opshaug.