NEW YORKPublic School wants to get in on wearables.

The brand has teamed with Fitbit on a line of slick accessories that will walk down Public School’s women’s runway show on Sunday.

“A big thing we’ve realized is that to make wearables mainstream we need to give people a choice…and have it be integrated in people’s wardrobes,” said James Park, chief executive officer of Fitbit.

Public School cofounders Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne spent the past six months developing a range of accessories for Fitbit’s soon-to-launch Alta activity tracker, which goes on sale March 1 and will retail for $129.95. While the designs that go into production have yet to be finalized, Chow and Osborne’s prototypes will walk the runway next week. The two developed five styles: a braided bracelet fashioned from a stretchy nylon cord, a watch with a hollow space, a rubber band version, a bangle and a twisted cable.

“We want to give people a lot of options. Tory Burch has a specific style and Public School has their street aesthetic,” Park said. “Our realization is that there’s no one-size-fits-all [approach].”

Fitbit’s first designer partnership with Tory Burch launched in 2014, and while ongoing, the tech company wants to up its fashion cred and build out its line of third-party fashion collaborations. Similar to the Tory Burch offerings, Public School’s range for Fitbit will contain premium designs with custom hardware, as well as a more accessible line of printed fitness bands. Exact prices and the date of release are yet to be determined.

“What we’re trying to do with Fitbit is put a more organic face onto technology so it can seamlessly integrate into your everyday life — so it’s not really technology, but an accessory that has technology in it,” said Chow, who founded Public School with Osborne in 2008.

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