TALBOTS SPINS WITH FIRST LADY: First Lady Michelle Obama set the Internet abuzz after showing off her dance moves on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show Thursday. It was the second time the pair danced exaggeratedly for their fans’ amusement. Millions of them have since jumped online to check out the pair’s “Evolution of the Mom Dancing 2.” Executives at Talbots also cut in on the action since FLOTUS told Fallon on-air,”This ol’ thing? I got it at Talbots.”

Talbots created their own Facebook version of the First Lady’s dance moves on Friday, spotlighting four maternal-looking women swiveling around to what is billed as the “Summer Scarf Shuffle,” the “Talbots Twirl” and other Obama-esque touches. The First Lady has worn the affordable, middle-of-the-road label in the past, but Thursday was the first time she clued in voters to that preference. Fallon averaged nearly 4 million nightly viewers last year.