CHANNELING CREATIVITY: A creative crowd turned out for a first peak of the “Piero Fornasetti: La Folie Pratique” exhibition at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris Tuesday evening, but found the collection on show was so extensive and the crowd so dense that many said they would come back again for another look.

“It’s like seeing the trailer for a movie,” said José Lévy. “It’s too busy, but it makes me want to see it all better, discover the stuff I don’t know.”

The former Emanuel Ungaro artistic director, who has focused mainly on other areas of design in recent years, may have a new fashion project coming up, he admitted, but he was keeping mum on the details.

Gustavo Lins described the exhibition, co-curated by the late artist and interior designer’s son Barnaba Fornasetti and Olivier Gabet, museum director of Les Arts Décoratifs, as “a lesson in creativity.” He was discovering Fornasetti’s paintings and collages for the first time.

“I feel like I am literally in a dream world,” said Lins. “It makes me want to work, to pick up a paintbrush, a pencil, paper… and work.”

Chantal Thomass, for her part, is already an avid fan and owns several of Fornasetti’s works. “I’ve got two sets of plates, some zinc plates with the sketches for printing, a newspaper holder,” she listed. “Every time I’ve been able to buy something of his at an affordable price, I have done.

“I was really lucky with the plates. They were owned by a woman who visibly wasn’t really interested; she had inherited them. I got them quite cheap,” said the lingerie designer.

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian was taking inspiration from the texts written by Fornasetti and peppered throughout the exhibition, and shared a few snaps on his smartphone.

“An artist, whatever he is doing, is always a self-portrait,” one of them read.

“It’s not about the visual for me,” said Kurkdjian. “It’s about the manner in which he captures, digests and re-transcribes all these references.”

The exhibition, which opened to the public today, runs until June 14.