Imaan Hammam x Frame

A growing number of brands have begun opening doors to guest designers, but it is a practice that Frame says they’ve been using since its inception.

The contemporary brand’s latest collaboration is with model Imaan Hammam, who told WWD she’d love to get going on a second collaboration as soon as possible. Erik Torstensson, cofounder of Frame, laughed in response saying, “nothing is confirmed.”

Despite resistance to confirming a follow-up to the still pending collection, Torstensson and Jens Grede, cofounder of Frame, agreed that working with Hammam was a seamless experience, saying it was the energy she brought to the project that “makes it fun.”

Hammam’s collection marks the sixth collaboration for Frame though Grede and Torstensson said the capsules really cannot be compared to one another as each is a personal endeavor. For Hammam, the project was another chance to use her platform to celebrate freedom, diversity, equality and female empowerment. “That’s what we try to do [each time],” Torstensson said. “We try to facilitate a vision.”

 “She is a natural creative director,” Grede said. “I think that we know when we meet someone and they just have that natural ability and she is her own best stylist, her own best editor and she has a very strong point of view that really runs through every single piece in the collection.” 

These meetings, the cofounders told WWD, typically happen over dinner or at parties with friends in Frame’s inner circle. “That’s the secret sauce of doing a collaboration,” Torstensson said. “Host great parties, sit next to amazing people and then come up with good ideas.” 

“[Consumers] are looking for something authentic,” Grede said of the brand’s success in collaborations. “And the best piece of advice I ever got was to work with great people and get out of their way, and that’s what we did, and I think that’s why people have responded so strongly to this collaboration.” 

The brand’s previous collaborations include working with Karlie Kloss, Lara Stone, Ben Gothan, Sasha Pivovarova and Jordan Barrett. 

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