IMAGE CONTROL: While François Hollande’s tie — that’s never front and center — might be read as a sign that he is the “people’s President” he claims to be, the French press is not so sure.


Recent photos of Hollande with his tie sliding to the right on investiture day were seen as ironic, and in general the new President’s rebellious neckwear has generated a plethora of column inches and photo spreads.


Internationally, the fact that he was the only premier to sport such an accessory to dinner at the recent G8 summit at Camp David also garnered attention. When teased by Barack Obama, Hollande claimed he wore one solely for the French media.


Despite aiming to cultivate a popular image, he has obviously taken note of his country’s media obsession with this particular accessory; this week’s issue of news magazine Le Point highlights a recent picture of him wearing an old-fashioned tie-bar, visibly trying to get the obstinate cravate under control.


WWD tried to find out where Hollande buys his accessories, but his spokesman declined to comment. Indeed, the fact that most ties, even for French brands, are made in Italy, probably goes against his campaign to promote French manufacturing.

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