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Verhagen's works spanning 25 years of collaboration

A FRACTION OF: Dutch photographers Carmen Freudenthal and Elle Verhagen have published “Whole,” a tribute to their collaboration spanning more than a quarter of a century. The 256-page tome features a selection of 150 of their works and encompasses fashion editorials, fine art work and collaborations with fashion designer Bernard Willhelm, who wrote the book’s introduction.

In an unusual approach, the works are taken out of their individual context and arranged instead by color. “Whole” was published by Freudenthal/Verhagen on Oct. 1, and is available as a soft cover, priced 39 euros or $43.83 at current exchange, and a limited-edition hard-cover edition that includes an original photo print. Freudenthal, Verhagen and Willhelm will host a party in Paris to celebrate the launch this Sunday at La Mano nightclub.