DON’T I KNOW YOU: Being a tabloid target, “Fall Out Boy” Pete Wentz has learned to live with fans’ false sense of familiarity. Before Costello Tagliapietra’s show Thursday, he said, “The funny thing is every time I interact with somebody, I feel like I start in the red and I have to work my way into the black. Lots of times I feel like I try to overcompensate to say, ‘No, this is not who I am.'”


“I am not exactly who I am in the press but I’m also probably not who I am in my own perspective. It’s probably somewhere in between and that’s OK,” said Wentz, whose marriage to Ashlee Simpson ended in 2011. “I feel like being a dad has really helped with it. My kid doesn’t care who I am or what I’ve done lately. He’s like, ‘I want chocolate chip pancakes.'”


Indifferent to fame as his six-year-old Bronx may be, the boy will be on-the-road part of the time, when Wentz heads to shows in Australia and Japan before this summer’s tour with Wiz Khalifa and Hoodie. Ditto for his six-month-old son Saint Lazslo with girlfriend Meagan Camper. “He doesn’t have much of a say,” Wentz said. “But my older son is kind of like how I was when I went to work with my father. I’d say, ‘Yeah, your office is not that sweet, but the copy machine is awesome.’ If we play an arena with an ice rink, my older son is more interested in the ice.”


As for the back story behind the old baby photo of Wentz being held by Joe Biden that recently went viral, the rocker said his parents first met years ago working on Biden’s senatorial campaign. “Kids were posting, ‘Oh my God – thank Joe Biden for you being alive.'”


Wentz, who collaborated with DKNY Jeans and Nordstrom in the past, will not bring back his clothing line any time soon. “Coming to shows and seeing how far out clothes are developed, [you realize] there is so much to learn before you jump in. I just like seeing people work on their craft.” he said. “I’m just a big fan of Costello Tagliapietra. I was trying to get this cardigan from last year.”


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