PRISON BREAK: A shaggy-haired Adrien Brody put in a front-row appearance at Hugo Thursday. While the actor often dons Hugo Boss in his movies and for the red carpet, he said it’s unlikely his next role, in horror movie “The Experiment,” will see him suited up. “I’m gonna play an inmate so I don’t think there’ll be an opportunity,” he said. The movie, by “Prison Break”’s Paul Scheuring, is the remake of German thriller “Das Experiment,” where a role-play between guards (one played by Forrest Whitaker) and prisoners goes horribly wrong. Brody is enjoying his last few days of freedom before shooting starts next month, cruising Paris using the Velib bike system. “It’s one of the first things I do when I get here,” he said. “They should implement it in New York.”

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