NOBLE AFFAIR: Sitting front row at Irfé’s show on Thursday, Xenia Sphiris, whose grandparents Prince Felix Yusupov and Princess Irina, née Romanov, founded the label in the Twenties, said: “It feels like there is electricity passing through my veins. I know that they are looking at everything and are very happy.”

Asked how the pair influenced her, Sphiris said: “They were completely different. They did not influence my style, but my mind – and that’s better.”

The Kills’ frontman Jamie Hince divulged he’s been “writing music a lot. I’m crazy about music again,” said Hince, who was also to spin at the show’s after party at Silencio later in the day. “Music’s been dead in the last few years, but I’m really excited again. I like a lot that’s happening now.”

Hince enthused about Diplo and revealed “a little tour with Queens of the Stone Age in December.” Playing has been “a bit of a problem” for him lately. “I had a tendon cut out of my hand and got a new tendon grafted on,” he said, showing off a scar that ran all the way down the palm of his left hand.

Peter Brant came to support his younger brother Harry, who was walking in the show sporting heavy makeup, just like eccentric Felix.

“My brother knows everything there is to know about Irfé,” Harry, 17, said backstage, adding that though it was his first time on the runway, he seriously considers modeling as a career. “It’s like blood: Once you got a taste, you want more. I’m like a fashion vampire.” With supermodel Stephanie Seymour as his mother, he can’t be wrong.

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