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“It’s an ‘Empire’ takeover,” said Serayah McNeill from the front row of Jeremy Scott. The actress, who plays Tiana Brown on the Lee Daniels blockbuster series, was seated next to her costar, Bryshere Y. Gray, and together the pair was engulfed by the type of frenzy that typically surrounds the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West — or Tyga, who sat nearby. It seems the show’s two young stars are starting to see fame’s favor. “Since the fame and success has been blowing up from the show, I got to go to Ariana Grande’s show, and I met [Jeremy Scott] backstage,” explained Gray. “My manager thought this would be a great opportunity for me to learn about fashion.”


It’s their first time at New York Fashion Week. “I knew it was going to be glitz and glam and I knew it was going to be intense,” McNeill said. “I mean, this is where it all goes down. I was thrown into it, but I’m ready.” Both were decked out in Jeremy Scott-designed Moschino for the occasion. “He does combos of things that people wouldn’t normally put together, and that’s why I love him,” she continued. “He takes risks and that’s what it’s about.”


“I didn’t really have confidence to wear the things that I’m wearing now [before],” admitted Gray, motioning to his logo-emblazoned leather jacket. “But, I got that pep talk with Naomi [Campbell]. I get a lot of advise from Naomi when it comes to fashion.” And what does the supermodel, who plays his love interest on the show, have to say? Gray adopts a British accent. “She’s like, ‘dahling, you have to love it, dahling.’”