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LES BELLES: Noémie Lenoir confirmed that the latest sequel of “The Transporter,” directed by Luc Besson, is a wrap. The French model-turned-actress is starring in it alongside “Game of Thrones” hero Ed Skrein, who replaces Jason Statham as Frank Martin.

“I play a mean woman; I kill people,” she said, seductively narrowing her gaze while at the John Galliano show on Sunday.

Lenoir is also working on a rock-pop album in French, due out next summer, which she said is going to be “a nice change of scene.” And she’s considering a comeback into fashion, as well.

“It’s the world that made me grow — I miss it,” divulged the former Victoria’s Secret model.

Meanwhile, Nina Agdal is just getting started.

“I’m in Paris to meet people and create new relationships; I want to get more into TV, so you will see me on screen soon, probably next year in America,” said the Danish beauty. Her plans for the near term were pretty clear, too.

“I definitely want to get that one picture with the Eiffel Tower, you know, where you are standing, smiling and putting your hands in the air. It’s my first time in Paris,” the model divulged.

<p>Nina Agdal</p>

Photo By: François Goizé

<p>Noémie Lenoir</p>

Photo By: François Goizé

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