With the New York Yankees out in Anaheim, Joanna Garcia took a break from the Bronx Friday to catch the Luca Luca show. With the playoff season approaching, the actress more often than not can be found cheering on her outfielder husband Nick Swisher at Yankee Stadium. “That is pretty much my life right now,” she said, noting a division title is within reach. “I always have faith in those guys.”

Asked about any pregame rituals the left-handed slugger abides to, Garcia said, “There is nothing that he would want me to tell you. It starts early in the morning though.”

Another guest, Kelly Bensimon of “Real Housewives of New York,” discussed the touchy matter of Bravo’s decision to go forward with the Beverly Hills version of the show after the suicide of Taylor Armstrong’s husband Russell. The single reality star said the death “absolutely” had to be addressed. “When reality is your medium, you have to be realistic when things happen.”

Bensimon will give fans a dose of her own reality this spring with “I Can Make You Hot,” a show stocked with diet tips and wellness living ideas. As for her own foul-proof rule, the former model said, “Always eat a big lunch.”

Solange Knowles snuck in a little cardio during the show, tapping her platform wedges to the beat as each model passed.


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