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MEAL DEAL: L’Wren Scott transformed her runway into a grand banqueting hall on Sunday, swapping the seats for mile-long tables, and the show notes for silverware, cloth napkins — and a menu. The designer, who showed in a grand Edwardian venue near the Houses of Westminster, served up a rich lamb shank shepherd’s pie with garden herb salad shortly before the show began. Some of the guests, however, had seen it all before. “We’re very civilized, so we always do a lunch in New York,” said Scott’s partner Mick Jagger. “Not that anyone ever has time to finish it. I’m usually only about half way through when the show starts, and then I stop eating!”

Andre Leon Talley, who is attending London Fashion Week for the first time in two decades, said he was impressed by Scott’s attention to detail. “The last time I was here was when Vivienne Westwood was doing revolutionary things,” he recalled, adding that Scott reminds him of the Duchess of Windsor — “and I mean that as a compliment. She was all about the detail as well. L’Wren is serving lamb shank shepherd’s pie for lunch. You can’t get any better than that!”

Next to Jagger was Daphne Guinness, who said she is looking forward to the screening of her new music video next week, which she described as “very psychedelic: Bach meets The Doors” by Show Studio director Nick Knight. “It’s called Fatal Flaw,” she said — but declined to reveal her own. Meanwhile, fellow guest Bryan Adams has just published abook of portraits called “Exposed,” featuring at least two of his dining companions, Guinness and Jagger. But at the show it was Jagger on photography duty, proudly capturing his other half’s final bow on his iPhone.

<p>Anna Wintour & Mick Jagger</p>

Photo By: Nazarin Montag

<p>Daphne Guinness</p>

Photo By: Nazarin Montag

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