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COZYING UP: Kris Jenner’s neighbor in the front row at the Miu Miu show Wednesday afternoon was none other than A$AP Rocky, who seemed to have taken his cue from Jenner’s son-in-law Kanye West’s attire at Balmain earlier in the week, keeping his head covered with a black hoodie.


He also had a Polaroid camera slung on his neck, and snapped a photographer taking his picture, tucking the image in his pocket without waiting for it to develop. “I’m experimenting, a little personal project,” he said.


Chloë Sevigny, who has previously appeared in campaigns for Miu Miu, flew to Paris for a few days from Norway, where she is shooting Tomas Alfredson’s “The Snowman” with Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson.


“It’s snowed since I arrived, for more than a week now. Everyone’s really prepared, they had sleds and they were pulling the lenses and camera stuff,” Sevigny said. “I had to go to a local sports shop and get some more practical stuff,” she confided.


Zoe Kazan and Emma Greenwell had cozy attire of a different sort in mind.


“I’m writing a miniseries right now; I’m at home, working in my pajamas,” said Kazan, who has signed with a U.S. network for the project but was keeping mum about the details. She will also be shooting a movie directed by Michael Showalter in May.


Next to her, “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” actress Greenwell was also having a PJ moment. “I just wrapped a new TV show that’s going to be airing in the next couple of weeks, so I’m sitting at home in my pajamas relaxing, too. I’ve got some nice Muji ones,” she said.


Kazan piped in, “I wear a onesie, it’s from J. Crew.”


Greenwell will appear in U.S. drama “The Path,” which debuts Stateside on March 30. “It’s about a cult and I play a girl who gets sucked into its teachings. I fall in love with the lovely Mr. Hugh Dancy.”


Actress Stacy Martin, who debuted a chin-length crop earlier this year, said she donated her shorn locks to Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides wigs to children who suffer hair loss during cancer treatments.


She just wrapped “Rosy,” a dark comedy about a kidnapping. “We shot it all on film in New York,” she said, praising the old-school method, which is more labor-intensive and expensive than digital filming. “I think it’s a beautiful media,” she enthused.

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