Hannah James, the star of the new PBS mini-series “Mercy Street,” capped off her first-ever fashion week at the Prabal Gurung show on Sunday. “I was here yesterday for Rebecca Minkoff, but I have to fly back to L.A. for some work, so I’m flying back tonight,” she said. “I’m so sad. I was supposed to be here until Thursday, so I had several different shows I was supposed to be going to.” While NDA contracts prevented James from spilling exactly what she’d be working on, it’s clear the 23-year-old actress is one to watch — and she’ll certainly be back for another go-round at fashion week.


“I’ve always appreciated fashion but obviously since doing the show and being dressed for different events and stuff, I’m starting to really get into different designers and what I like,” she said. “I thought [Prabal’s show] was amazing, it was really mystical. I felt like I was in a different world. And I think my absolute favorite were the [dresses] that sort of made noise. They were like little fairies.”


Further down the front row, a more established actress was also ending her fashion week here. “This is my second and last show,” said Diane Kruger. “I went to see Jason Wu. They’re my friends, and I have other stuff to do, but I wanted to support them.” Kruger is prepping for a film she’ll star in with Ellen Page about the couple that opened the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore in Paris ahead of World War I. The film comes on the heels of two other prominent movies that tell the story of illicit romance between women  — “Carol” and “Freeheld,” which also starred Page.


For Kruger, though, getting involved was about more than jumping on the trend. “It’s part of it, but I live part-time in Paris and that bookstore is still around and is a very famous bookstore. I love to read and [my character] publishes ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce when nobody wanted to touch it,” she said. “It’s a very avant garde love story, at the end of the day. They stayed together all of their lives. And in those days women didn’t have businesses, so it’s more broad than just a lesbian love story.”

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