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“Hallo, Jennifer,” Carine Roitfeld said to Jessica Chastain on Thursday morning at Ralph Lauren. The actress smiled back without missing a beat. The French stylist can be forgiven for the slip up — it was an unusually busy scene in the front row. Besides Chastain, Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria, Julianne Moore, and a handful of Laurens all jostled with photographers to find their spots.


The redheads, Chastain and Moore, made time for the show shortly after returning from the Toronto Film Festival, where they were promoting their respective films, Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” and the lesbian tearjerker “Freeheld.”


The Oscar winner, who picked up her best actress prize for last year’s “Still Alice,” costarring Baldwin, recalled a more innocent time when her clothes weren’t all gifted by fashion labels.


“The first time I had any money at all I bought a Ralph Lauren dress. I went to the flagship store and I bought, I remember, a $500 dress, which was a fortune to me at the time,” Moore said.


For Chastain, the show was a first. She’s been on something of a press whirlwind lately, working the circuit in Toronto, in New York for the Guillermo del Toro horror movie “Crimson Peak,” and in Milan, as an ambassador for the jeweler Piaget.


“You can’t just do all work and no play so I did ask if I had time to go to a fashion show and they were very nice to let me out,” she said.


When it was all over, Baldwin took a minute to talk politics not fashion, though he did rave about the finale looks. He had not caught Wednesday’s GOP debate — he was in bed by 9 p.m. — but Baldwin being Baldwin, he did have thoughts about Donald Trump. He’s not surprised.


“I think people are very frustrated by scripted politics and Trump, because of what he says, is off the cuff and people enjoy that. But eventually, they’re going to realize they need a certain kind of man or woman,” he said, diplomatically, “to do that job in terms of policy-making and I don’t think Trump is that man.”


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