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WORLD WIDE WEB: Guests arriving at the Saint Laurent show space in the Grand Palais on Monday night encountered a web of shifting light beams crawling over the walls.

“It is very much ‘Spider-Man,’” said Kirsten Dunst after taking her seat with her boyfriend, Garrett Hedlund. The actress, who played Mary Jane Watson in a trilogy about the costumed crime fighter, added the scaffolding bordering the room has “got some webby metal to it.”

Next up for Dunst: “In the fall I have a movie coming out called ‘Two Faces of January’ with Viggo Mortensen. It’s a thriller based on a Patricia Highsmith novel, so it’s that kind of vibe,” she said.

Jean-Victor Meyers, the L’Oréal heir, thought the decor was “really modern and edgy.”

Emmanuelle Seigner shrugged when told biker jackets are all the rage on Paris runways for fall. “It’s Celine from two years ago,” said the French actress, who just finished filming “Venus in Fur,” based on the play by David Ives and directed by her husband, Roman Polanski.

Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince of The Kills were booked for a gig for French brand Equipment later that evening. “We are looking forward to play music very loudly tonight,” Mosshart declared, followed by a spirited “Oh, yeah” on Hince’s part. The singer said she just needed to let off some steam after “working, working, working in my room with the door shut.”

<p>Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

<p>Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

<p>Emmanuelle Seigner</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

<p>Jessica Chastain</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

<p>Lou Doillon</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

<p>Pierre Bergé and Betty Catroux</p>

Photo By: Stéphane Feugère

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