Even though she stars in the movie, Freida Pinto doesn’t know the plot of “Knight of Cups,” which premiered in her absence at the Berlin Film Festival. Director Terrence Malick is famous for only handing actors portions of the script, meaning his cast have to fly blind.

Reviews said the film was about a disillusioned Hollywood screenwriter, played by Christian Bale. “I’ve still not seen the film,” Pinto said at the Salvatore Ferragamo show in Milan on Sunday. “I’ve had people tell me, but I will only believe it when I actually see it.”

Not that she objected to being kept in the dark. “It’s very liberating, because everybody wants to know everything all the time. Actors want to know everything, journalists want to know everything, and sometimes it’s just good not knowing,” she argued.
The Indian actress recently completed shooting on “The Effects of Blunt Force Trauma,” an action drama featuring Ryan Kwanten and Mickey Rourke. Though they previously both starred in “Immortals,” Pinto and Rourke have yet to shoot a scene together.
“I think he and I are not destined to work together in the same scene. But in the same film, I think we’ll be working over and over again,” she joked.
The first time Pinto met the actor was at the Oscars in 2009, the year “Slumdog Millionaire” swept the board with eight statuettes. Rourke approached the young star to tell her it was way past her bedtime.


“He’s stopped asking me to go to bed. He’s realized I’m a big girl now, and I think I’m a big girl now, too,” Pinto said.
Meanwhile, chief executive officer Michele Norsa sounded upbeat about growth in 2015. “The Chinese New Year started off positive, and February was an excellent month,” he said. He noted that the Chinese are traveling more and in different markets, “destinations they were not used to visiting,” such as Japan and Korea, in addition to Europe and the U.S., with strong tourist flows to Florida, Hawaii and California.
A weaker euro is also helping Ferragamo’s business. “These factors help compensate for Russia. We are seeing an extraordinary trend for the year,” concluded Norsa.

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