Ne-Yo, Crystal Renay, FKA Twigs and Lottie Moss

VIDEO STAR: Lottie Moss looks set to join the ranks in the vlogosphere. “I get so many people [on Instagram] asking what I’m wearing and what makeup I’m using that I thought people might like it if I did videos that show my fashion and beauty choices,” she said.

The model was recently in L.A. to work on a big project that, so far, she’s keeping mum about. She tacked on a short break with a friend and played tour guide. “She’d never been to Los Angeles before so I showed her all the sights: Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Malibu. It was cool.”

Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss  Richard Young/REX/Shutterstock

While there, she posted a picture of herself in a tiny bikini by Same Swim that followed a video of her working out doing a side plank. One begets the other, really. “I try to see my trainer, three to four times a week,” she said. “We work hard! Sometimes it’s boxing and skipping, sometimes weights. Always different.”

Her front row neighbors included singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, who spent the pre-show moments making silly faces into his phone while taking selfies, and FKA Twigs, who had a refreshingly straightforward reason for braving the antifur protestors outside to attend the show, especially since rumors have started circulating that she has split with fiancé Robert Pattinson after appearing without her engagement ring. “I am just here to see the clothes,” she said. Business as usual, then.