Sharleen Spiteri

OH, THE IRONY: “You can definitely tell he’s Scottish; he knows the old tricks for when you’ve been out dancing for the night and forgot to break in your shoes,” said Sharleen Spiteri on her way out of fellow Scot Christopher Kane’s show at London’s Tate Britain. “We used to put in sponges — rub the back of your heels, don’t they? I love the irony. Well, I hope it was ironic. I really enjoyed it.”

Spiteri, whose new album, “Jump on Board,” is due out in April, had nothing but praise for Kane’s fall collection. “I mean, you know, he’s so clever. When you look at the tailoring on the first couple pieces that came out, I just thought, ‘They’re stunning.’ Looking at the clothes, they were beautiful. I loved the big, beautiful fluid dresses with a really big cardigan, I love that sort of thing; it was fabulous.”

Spiteri was joined on the front row by Katy Perry, Erin O’Connor, Daisy Lowe and actress Rebecca Hall, who said she’s far from a regular showgoer, despite having also sat in Roksanda Ilincic’s front row. “Now and then, if I’m somewhere that’s having one and I have a day off, I like doing it, it’s fun,” she told WWD. “I thought Roksanda, the color scheme, as always with her, it was really arresting; it was beautiful.”

Hall’s day off came at the tail end of filming “Holmes and Watson” in London. “I’ve got one more week left. It’s a comedy with Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly; it’s a spoof of Sherlock Holmes. It’s completely different [to “Christine,” about a reporter struggling with depression in the Seventies]; it’s nice though.”

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