SERIOUSLY LOOPY: As far as brand mascots go, “Toucan Sam” is a pretty colorful character, with a tricolored bill inspired by Froot Loops’ original colors. But Kellogg’s is taking a more kaleidoscopic route for its upcoming Froot Loops-inspired apparel collection.

The fruit-flavored breakfast cereal has joined forces with AwaytoMars for the “Whatever Froots Your Loops” initiative. The capsule collection of what is described as “wardrobe essentials” is being created with the help of consumers. The project is meant to encourage people to show their true colors, to “find inspiration and show the world ‘Whatever Froots Your Loops.’”

Earlier this year, Kellogg’s put out the word online that design ideas were welcome. Aiming to gather input from 10,000 people around the world, the Froot Loops/AwaytoMars collection will consist of jackets, coats, hats, beanies, tops, shirts, dresses and shoes. Froot Loops, AwaytoMars and online critics are choosing the two most popular cocreators for each category. Early entrants included a colorful dress from Paris-based designer Emmanuelle Julliard that is meant to be “a wink to the dresses of the Sixties from Paco Rabanne.” Her A-line dress is made in a kind of chain mail of fabric with padded rings in the Froot Loops color palette joined on a white mesh lining. Another early entrant was Brandon Yarchuk’s colorful shirt in a breathable fabric. Final designs will be unveiled later in the month.

Started in Lisbon in 2014 by Alfredo Orobio, AwaytoMars is an online platform that was created to promote design thinking, advance creativity and profit-sharing. Its first collection was created by more than 400 people. The technologically focused business model is along the lines of H&M’s new Nyden label, which relies on cocreators, albeit more established names like singer Justine Skye and tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

In crowdsourcing design input earlier this year, AwaytoMars noted how the capsule collection would involve “designing everyday fashion that brightens up the day. It’s turning a boring gray coat into a bright, vivid fully functional technicolor dreamcoat.” The assortment will be a real switch compared to some of Kellogg’s current online offerings, including a $12 striped waist-length apron imprinted with a vintage Kellogg’s “Happy Hostess Club” ad. An $11 “Tony the Tiger” silk necktie, an $11 WMU Toucan Sam number-one fan T-shirt and an $11 Pop-Tarts Couture T-shirt are among the other options.

Novelty fashion related to Froot Loops may not be such a stretch in this age of nostalgia. Aside from the brand recognition, the 112-year-old company has a relatively new chief executive officer Steven Cahillane. Kellogg’s recently announced it will be bringing back its edible cereal straws on a limited basis in its New York City café, in response to the increasing ban of plastic ones nationwide. The Brooklyn-based shoe retailer Kith founder Ronnie Fieg is a cereal retailer, as evidenced by his Kith Treats cereal bar.