FURLA’S AWARD: Founded in 2000, the Furla Art Award marks its tenth edition with a retrospective: “Growing Roots – 15 years of Furla Art Award.”

Held at Milan’s Royal Palace, the exhibit displays art works from the winners of each edition, including the latest, Maria Iorio and Raphael Cuomo. They are the first to receive the award in Milan as the prize moved to the Lombard city from Bologna. Accessories firm Furla is based in Bologna, but Milan has an increasingly strong role in the contemporary art scene, said culture councilor Filippo del Corno at the press preview on Wednesday.

“Fifteen years are so many, and I have to say that we have seen a growing attention to this project,” said Giovanna Furlanetto, president of Fondazione Furla and of her family’s company. “We believe we bridged the art and fashion worlds, creating a synergy between the two.” Furlanetto said that when the award was launched, such “opportunities for young artists were almost non-existent, and the Premio Furla was a pioneering, visionary project. Fifteen years later, we can say that the work carried out over the years with such passionate, steadfast dedication has put down deep roots and borne fruit. Growing Roots is therefore meant as a tribute to the history of the award and to everyone who has contributed to it over the years, and at the same time, marks an important new phase: the collaboration with the City of Milan and Palazzo Reale is a particularly important step in this path of growth, the better to highlight the skills, ideas and visions of young artists, who are the true roots of our future.”

Running from March 5 to April 12, the retrospective is staged over 11 rooms starting with an introductory part devoted to the history of the prize. Videos, installations, sculptures, paintings and performances enrich the exhibit, which is supported by the City of Milan.