Italian accessories label Furla launched a welfare program for its employees on Tuesday. Called “Furla for You,” the project aims to enhance the company’s human resources providing a range of benefits and social services to its workers.

These involve different areas, such as health care, education, insurance coverage and free time. The services include refunds for employees’ children education expenses; insurance coverage for long-term disabilities; life insurance policies; supplementary public welfare, among others. A series of agreements have also been inked with the brand’s network of partners to offer employees facilitations for a range of products and services.

In addition, a professionals training program is provided to enhance the role of each employee.

Furla’s general director Alberto Camerlengo highlighted the company’s commitment in developing the project. “[The program] expresses the brand’s determination to invest in resources aimed at increasing the welfare of employees and their families, who are part of the business’ growth,” Camerlengo said.

Effective from Jan. 1, “Furla for you” will involve 1,600 among the company’s offices’ staff and stores’ sales assistants, who work for the brand in the European, Middle Eastern, African, American, Pacific-Asian and Japanese regions.