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MISSING LINK: Gaia Repossi revealed her latest small but powerful collection of elegant, interlaced massive black silver chain jewelry, inspired by longtime friend Vanessa Traina, during an intimate dinner at Paris’ Musée des Arts Décoratifs Wednesday night.

The response was immediate, with a group of women gushing over an ornament of woven chains draped over Repossi’s chest and back. It was part of the “Forçat” collection — the word means “convict” in French, and according to Repossi is also an old term for Irish prisons — that “refers to masculinity with its strong, simple” aesthetic adapted to Traina’s sleek style and fondness for black. 

“It was a bold move for me to do something so masculine and massive,” Repossi explained.

Wearing a pair of handmade androgynous plain black cuffs of woven silver mesh and chains, Traina said Repossi “is very meticulous. It was a long process, and she involved me with everything!” 

Repossi said she is currently trying her hand at “speaking with diamonds.” She added next year will be about answering the question: “Is high jewelry possible in modern design?”