TRIBECA SUNRISE: Revelers at tonight’s party at Gary Graham’s Franklin Street store will catch his creative inspiration in action. Sunrise Ruffalo, who has been consulting with the designer since she and her husband Mark moved back to the city full-time from their upstate farm, will be in the crowd.

She found his label through her friend Pamela Mayer’s Enochian store in Narrowsburg, N.Y. While her actor-better half has worn Neil Barrett for years, Ruffalo is a major fan of Graham’s. While talking design, music, literature and art, the mother-of-three introduced him to such favorites as the Brooklyn-based Daniel Gordon. Ruffalo said, “What I really like about Gary is that he has his own vision and he is not looking to anyone else for his creativity.”

Another fan of the designer, Emily Miranda, has been working overtime for the festivities. For the past few days, the jewelry designer has been baking and sculpting an elaborate deconstructed Christmas tree-shaped cake with truffles and Christmas cookies nestled in its branches. Miranda, whose collection is sold in Graham’s shop, has made the occasional cake for friends for the past 10 years.

Graham has a February debut set for the redesign of his e-commerce site. But tonight will be a more creative-minded gathering thanks to pals like Hope Atherton and installation artist and sculptor E.V. Day.

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