GCDS SS17 Ad Campaign.

Emerging Italian streetwear label GCDS has tapped singer and influencer Caroline Vreeland to appear in its spring advertising campaign. Photographed by Jason Lee Parry, the strong, provocative images portray Vreeland and model Adonis Bosso as a couple spending their honeymoon in a Los Angeles hotel, whose decor includes neon lights and retro phones. Something goes wrong as suggested by a picture showing Vreeland crying in a vintage pink car or sitting alone on a bed with her back to the viewer.


GCDS’s spring ad campaign 

The pictures’ pop atmosphere is enhanced by the colorful clothes, including multicolor tops and bombers featuring floral prints, stripes and see-though details. Maxi logos inspired by the Nineties, such as the ironic “J’adore GCDS,” appear on several pieces, as well as on the bold silver accessories.

Caroline Vreeland in GCDS SS17 Ad Campaign.

Caroline Vreeland in GCDS SS17 Ad Campaign.  Courtesy Photo

The advertising campaign includes a video, realized by the brand’s creative director Giuliano Calza, featuring Darlene Love’s “Today I Met the Boy I’m Gonna Marry” as its soundtrack. The video will be available at vimeo.com and at GCDS social accounts starting from Friday.