PAM & GELA’S LONDON PIT STOP: Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy made a hop to London Wednesday, to launch their Los Angeles-based label Pam & Gela with the U.K. online retailer The duo, who created the Juicy Couture brand— before selling it to what was then Liz Claiborne Inc. in 2003, and leaving the firm in 2010 — described their one-year-old label as “who we are today.”

“We’re still two L.A. girls who are obsessed with casual, elevated luxury and comfort— it’s still a little rock, we still have a sense of humor…we’ve always designed for ourselves,” said Nash-Taylor over a cup of tea in Claridge’s tea room here. The duo said that among their best-selling pieces are French terry track pants that are dyed and shredded to look like jeans and their tongue-in cheek slogan tees, which bear messages such as “Blonde Power” and “FYI All Brunettes End Up Blonde.”

After launching at wholesale and debuting their own Web site earlier this year, the duo have pop-up retail stores in their sights. “I like the idea of these stores that are very weirdly out of the way,” mused Nash-Taylor of potential spaces. “They’re destinations as opposed to these big retail strips. I think if it’s a retail space, it has to be special on some level.” They also plan on adding a blog to their site, to build on their social media presence, along with introducing accessories.

In addition, the U.K. trip marks the launch of their memoir, “The Glitter Plan,” in the country. “We wanted to tell people that it’s do-able [to start a business],” said Skaist-Levy of the memoir. “You don’t have to have a Harvard business degree, you don’t have to have millions of dollars, if you have a passion for it. We made so many mistakes it was crazy, [and] we had a really good time doing it – it’s a good time for an entrepreneurial story.”

Meanwhile, Nash-Taylor described her and Skaist-Levy as “unconventionally successful women.” “We’re wacky, we’re just ourselves, we never try to wear a suit or pretend to be someone other than exactly who we are,” she said. “It can work for anybody– we were talking about stereotypes of successful women [and] we’re sort of the opposite.”

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