A look from Genny's new capsule collection for Bergdorf Goodman.

More than five years after Swinger International relaunched the Genny label, the company is amping up its focus on the American market.

Creative director Sara Cavazza Facchini and Swinger chief executive officer Mathias Facchini flew in from Italy to meet with media and a few key prospective clients Monday at Spring Place.

In addition to the Art Deco-inspired spring collection, the company was previewing its new capsule collection, which will make its debut on Bergdorf Goodman’s sixth floor this week. A sleek long white coat, a black plunging V-neck jumpsuit with embroidered silver beading, a pale lavender skirt with a molded jacket and pale blue faille coupe dress with a coordinating jacket are among the options. The 12 or 13 offerings are geared for special occasions and cocktail parties as well as for after-work options for chic businesswomen, the creative director said. Dresses retail from $850 to $1,350, jackets and coats are $1,400 to $1,800 and pants and skirts are $450 to $1,000.

The fact that many Genny shoppers in Europe are visiting from the U.S., especially California and New York, was impetus to increase its U.S. distribution, she said. The label has 100 concept stores and four freestanding ones. In September 2015, Genny teamed with Fashion 4 Development to hold its first runway show in the U.S., during the nonprofit’s annual first ladies luncheon at the Pierre Hotel. Genny is committed to F4D’s sustainability goals, producing all of its collection in Italy and only using Italian fabrics. Genny’s ecosystem is contained to a 100-km radius within its corporate office near Verona, Italy.

As the mother of two children, Cavazza Facchini said sustainability is an essential choice. To avoid using any fabrics or materials that might cause allergic reactions to customers, she prefers to source all goods locally. Her objective is also to make women more aware of their fashion choices. “When you buy something, it’s not always about buying something that makes you feel more elegant, feminine and happy. There is know-how, an Italian DNA, traditional embroidery and fabrics that are good for your skin,” she said.

Swinger International, which also owns Byblos, bought Genny from the Prada Group in 2011. Cavazza Facchini, who modeled professionally at one time, worked under former designer Gabriele Colengelo before succeeding her in 2013. More recently, the company hired the Violetta Group to expand its celebrity reach by dressing Jamie Alexander, Carly Rae Jepsen, Olivia Munn and others for red-carpet events.

“I love America. I love the language, I love the culture. I’ve always said to my husband, ‘Why don’t we come live in California or New York? Maybe in another life I was American,” Cavazza Facchini said. “I like how American people wear street style for the day and at night they want to be more elegant. And businesswomen want to be chic.”