Is George Clooney joining the ranks of other celebrities dabbling in clothing design?

A mysterious e-mail went out on Monday afternoon announcing the George Clooney brand. Dispatched by Mass Media Distribution LLC, the e-mail, which appeared to be translated poorly from Italian, stated the collection would be launched with a fashion show at the Westin Palace in Milan – not exactly the normal place in the Italian fashion capital for a show. No date or time was given for the supposed launch, but it noted that Clooney would be present.

”The Company ‘GC EXCLUSIVE by George Clooney’ is news [sic] company in Italy (Milan) for the production and distribution and international of the brand ‘George Clooney,'” the e-mail stated. “Luxury clothing for men and women. Luxury fashion accessories.

”Invitation open to all journalists and TV,” it continued. “Invited? Only important people and celebrities.”

Whether or not this was a hoax could not be immediately learned, and April Fool’s Day, after all, is still a week away. The poor translation and presentation on the accompanying link to pointed in that direction, however. Vincenzo Cannalire, listed as a media contact on the e-mail, couldn’t immediately be reached.

It wouldn’t be the first purported celebrity line though. Recently, news emerged that Katie Holmes was going to be designing a line for Giorgio Armani. The designer vehemently denied the rumor.