Courtest of Gianfranco Ferrè Foundation

The Gianfranco Ferré Foundation has teamed up with artist Michel Comte to unveil a new exhibition called “Ferré e Comte Dettagli. Grandi interpreti tra moda e arte.’’ (Ferré and Comte Details. Great representative between fashion and art. )

The exhibition was set up to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the arrival of Maria Luigia D’Asburgo-Lorena in Parma, Italy, as the second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. The exhibit covers two floors. On the first level, “Gianfranco Ferré and Maria Luigia: Unexpected Assonance,” displays 60 pieces by the late designer that were inspired by the Napoleonic era.

“We create a path that begins with shirts where Ferré creates huge volumes and brilliant cuts, continues with crinoline exposed as creating structures for the skirts and again the transparencies,” said Alberto Nodolini, a former Vogue Italia creative director, who conceived the project.

On the second floor, Comte’s exhibition, which he called ‘’Neoclassic,’’ is comprised of sculptures, light installations and photos.

The exhibit runs from Sept. 30 to Jan. 15 at the historic Palazzo Giuseppe Garibaldi in Parma.