MILANGiorgio Armani’s Olimpia Milano basketball team has once again claimed the Italian championship title, its 27th.

The team, owned by Armani and sponsored by his EA7 Emporio Armani brand, secured the title on Monday in Reggio Emilia, winning 70-74 and leveraging American ace Rakim Sanders, the Italian Alessandro Gentile and the Croatian Krunoslav Simon. The victory follows that of the Coppa Italia in February.

“Olimpia has become part of my life. I will never leave it,” Armani said earlier this year in a special issue of sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport marking Olimpia’s 80th anniversary in 2016.

Armani’s longstanding passion and his financial investments helped save the team, which had been on the verge of bankruptcy before he stepped in to back it in 2004.