WATER WORLD: Giorgio Armani — an official sponsor of Paris Photo, the annual fair bringing together 150 galleries from around the globe that runs from Nov. 13 to 16 at the Grand Palais — has for the fifth time cherry-picked photographs based on the theme of water.

For “Acqua #5” the designer chose photos by Debra Bloomfield, Graciela Sacco, Facundo de Zuviria, Rong Rong & Inri, Joann Verburg, Trent Parke, Alison Rossiter and Joel Meyerovitz.

“I think what you have in the room is very representative of the richness and the diversity of the medium, because you have different formats and different ways of playing with [photography],” said Julien Frydman, director of Paris Photo.

Bloomfield’s submission dates from 2007 and depicts light reflecting off folds of water.

The artist explained it was taken at sunrise on the first day she began photographing in Alaska.

“This was the very first picture. [It was for me] rather important that it came here for this exhibit on water; my concern has been wilderness of land and wilderness of water” and its preservation, she said.

Armani has long been focused on water, too, often basing fashion collections and fragrances around the theme. His Acqua for Life humanitarian project, in partnership with Green Cross International, aims to provide poor communities around the world with drinking water. It began in 2009.

“Thanks to the support of Mr. Armani, we have been able to invite important and major institutions to show their recent acquisitions,” continued Frydman. “I think it creates an understanding of the diversity of ways of collecting photography.”

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