A scene from "The Dinner" with Richard Gere.

Giorgio Armani has designed the costumes for the Richard Gere’s character interpreted in Oren Moverman‘s new movie, “The Dinner,” hitting theaters on May 5.

Armani teamed with the film’s costume designer Catherine George to create a full wardrobe, including a range of casual outfits, along with a navy suit, a cashmere turtleneck sweater, a coat and several shirts and ties. In the thriller, Gere plays an American politician who tries to be elected governor. Laura Linney, Steve Coogan, Rebecca Hall and Chloe Sevigny are also part of the cast.

A scene from "The Dinner" with Richard Gere and Rebecca Hall.

A scene from “The Dinner” with Richard Gere and Rebecca Hall.  Courtesy Photo

“It was a  pleasure to collaborate with Oren Moverman and Catherine George. Catherine totally  understands the philosophy behind my aesthetic, which is perfect for Richard Gere, a longtime friend of mine,” Armani said. “Being passionate about the movie industry, it’s an honor for me to contribute to the making of a film.”

“During the fittings in front of the camera we immediately saw that attitude and self consciousness that Richard showed wearing the coat over the suit and walking in front of the director,” George said. “The cashmere coat looks as luxurious as its results when you touch it. It’s totally clear why the actor and the designer have been working together for so long. Nobody wears Armani as Richard Gere does.”

A scene from "The Dinner" with Richard Gere.

A scene from “The Dinner” with Richard Gere.  Courtesy Photo

The collaboration between Armani and Gere started in 1980 when the designer famously dressed the actor in “American Gigolo,” catapulting not only Gere’s career but also Armani’s profile in the U.S.

Over the decades, Armani has created the costumes for a wide range of movies, including “The Untouchables,” “Gattaca,” “Stealing Beauty,” “Shaft,” the Batman series, “The Tuxedo,” “De-Lovely,” “Ocean’s Thirteen,” “Fair Game,” ” The Social Network,” “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” “A Most Violent Year,” “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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