BIG SPENDER: Giorgio Armani said after his Emporio show on Monday that he is investing 50 million euros, or $57.8 million at current exchange, in the Silos project — the designer’s new exhibition space located in a former Nestlé factory and building that will house his new offices in Milan. “This project has been in my mind for so long,” said Armani, who has been named special ambassador of Expo Milano 2015, as reported. “I maintained the name Silos because I like it. It contained food, which you need for life, just as wearing clothes is part of life,” he explained. Silos will not only display pieces from Armani’s collections over 40 years but also other information relating to his career and technical drawings. The venue will also be a space destined for exhibitions with the city of Milan. “Silos will stay on for Milan long after Expo,” clarified Armani, who said he was in charge of the design of the location. Due to hold a runway show to mark the opening of Silos and Expo on April 30, Armani said he was still debating what collection will be on the runway. “I still don’t know. I will decide after the Paris [Privé] show.

Speaking of Paris, asked by one Italian reporter to comment on current geopolitical tensions, Armani first expressed his reactions to a TV show on Sunday night, on the Holocaust, seen after watching “American Sniper.” The designer said he was “deeply shocked,” in particular by the images of children in the documentary. He then said that “very many heavy things have happened in the world, and today it’s as if we feared talking about them, but we must do so. In a few days, I will be in Paris for my couture show. Paris is a city that has been deeply wounded by the violence that is unleashed even today.” The designer expressed his respect for the Islamic religion, as for all other religions, but said that it was “not conceivable that intolerance and violence can stem from a religious faith. I am part of this world, I have very human reactions, I would feel like reacting, doing something.”

“There are many people that have been poor for thousands of years and that have nothing to lose, and there are some that exploit poverty and even children, using them in these conflicts,” concluded Armani, urging more engagement with these issues.

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