The Giorgio Armani group on Thursday unveiled the launch of “Films of City Frames,” a movie project linked with the brand’s Frames of Life eyewear campaigns.
Developed in collaboration with Rai Cinema, the initiative involves the students of six international film schools, who will create short movies capturing everyday life’s moments, emotional situations and urban landscapes with Giorgio Armani’s new Frames of Life eyeglasses as protagonists.
Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, who recently won the Golden Globe and is nominated for an Academy Award for his “The Great Beauty” movie, will be mentoring the students.
“I felt that Paolo would be the best person to share this project with,” said Giorgio Armani.  He has a clear and inspiring view of reality; he captures the most exciting and poetic aspects of everyday life with a neat, contemporary style. Above all, I think that Paolo embodies the real magic of cinema, which is a barrier-free language: he speaks to everyone, but with an undeniably Italian eye. And this is precisely what we wanted students to grasp: the importance of having a personal perspective.”
Sorrentino also chose his assistant director Piero Messina to crate the pilot presenting the  “Films of City Frames” project. In particular, Messina realized a short movie inspired by Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s “Journey to the End of the Night” novel and used unseen scenes of Sorrentino’s  “The Great Beauty.”
Behind the scene videos of the short movies will be available at and on the company’s social media channels.

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